Ear Savers for Masks, Button Face Mask Extender Strap, Mask Straps for Back of Head, Face Mask Holder Behind Head, Mask Accessories

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⭐️ Ear Savers for Adults: Wearing your mask for long periods at a time? We have a solution for you! Our 5” long mask extender straps are helpful for those that experience discomfort around the ears. Simply attach your mask around the buttons and you’re ready to go.

⭐️ Ear Savers for Kids: Great for back to school or any child that needs to wear a mask for long periods at a time. Our 4" long mask extender straps will fit most children (not to be used on children under the age of 4). Need a custom size for a smaller or larger head? Let us know and we can customize for you.

⭐️ Mask Extender Strap: Our elastic straps are soft and stretchy. They come with two 1" black buttons that are sturdy enough to hold both disposable and fabric face masks. Our one size fits most standard adult heads. Have a big noggin? Let us know and we can customize so that the fit is right for you.

⭐️ Designed to Last: These are made to stand up to your daily demands! They are machine washable, portable and reusable. The ultra lightweight material adds an extra level of comfort for the user. We offer them in several different colors to match your style. Perfect item for work, activities, and leisure.

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